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Koko Nhan is a popular French romance author known for creating strong and relatable heroines in her stories. Whether it's a dystopian setting or a contemporary romance, she excels at bringing flawed and realistic characters to life.

Based in Montpellier, in the southern part of France, Koko Nhan crafts immersive worlds where women display courage and self-sacrifice. With each word, page, and novel, she has captured the hearts of numerous female readers.

Her debut volume, "Kalliopee: The Princess’s Sacrifice," marks her entry into the United States, signaling her international presence.

When she's not writing or immersed in a good book, Koko Nhan spends her time taking care of her daughters, Tara and Lia (the best job ever!), relishing her husband's delicious meals, while also taking care of her two cute furry pets.

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